Registered Clinical Counsellor

Vickie Kampe

Vickie Kampe is a registered and trained counsellor located in Penticton, BC who has 15 years experience counselling individuals, couples, groups and families. Regular counselling sessions can help you empower yourself and live your life to the fullest. Through different counselling modalities, it is possible to improve relationships, feel better about how you are handling your life difficulties and gain control over behaviors that are causing chaos and distress in your life.   If you are looking for a better life, or just want to resolve a problem that has you struggling, take a step forward and bring back balance that can give you a happy and fulfilling life.


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Vickie Kampe holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria and is registered with the BC Association for Clinical Counsellors. The BCACC is a society of regulated clinical counsellors dedicated to providing the highest standard of professional counselling, consulting, assessment, testing and training services. Members act to enhance mental health by providing responsive, ethical counselling services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. BCACC    


Confidentiality is an ethical principle that ensures your privacy. All information shared with a counsellor is considered privileged and must not be shared among third parties without your written consent. All aspects of your participation in clinical services, including the scheduling of appointments, content of counseling sessions, and any records that we keep, are confidential as outlined by the BCACC Code of Ethics and in accordance of BC law.

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